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A-1 Classic Roofing Co.

Website : http://www.a1classicroofing.com/

Contact : a1classicroofing.com

About : A-1 Classic Roofing Co is a Roofing Company in Medford, Oregon. One of the first things you will notice on every roofing project is the great attention to detail. If you have just started to constructing a home, it is time to choose the roofer of your choice. We can roof your home with any material you need. If your roof has been damaged by a storm or wind, contract us right away to get you covered as soon as possible. We use the best shingles available to make sure your roof lasts for years. Wooden shakes can be neatly arranged to form intricate patterns that still waterproof your home. We stand behind our work to make sure you are satisfied with the job we do. We Specializing in all kinds of roofing: Cabin roofing, Wooden shake roofing, Out  building shingles, Roofing and repair. Vinyl roofing has proven that it can hold up some of the toughest stresses and has proven to support and protect roofs throughout the world. With a high degree of reflectivity, most of the heat of the sun will not enter your building. When you decide to apply tile roofing, you will do yourself a favor by hiring only certified roofing contractors for tile roofs. When applied right, you can depend on the roof to stand up to generations.We will make sure everything is picked up and hauled away to leave your home better than we found it.

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