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About : South Bay Tree Service is a Tree Care Service in Harbor City, California. Our skilled trimmers have been beautifying bushes for over 20 years. You can trust your home's curb appeal to our artists. Overgrown bushes and untidy trees can make your home appear extremely uninviting to guests. Let our trimming artists sculpt your greenery for a more welcoming lawn. It's easy for trees and shrubs to get out of hand quickly. Whether you've been diligently trimming your trees for years or you've let your yard go, our skilled trimmers can help you reclaim your yard from nature. Trees and shrubs can easily get out of hand if they aren't regularly maintained. We've got the knowledge and experience to remove troublesome trees so you can get your yard back. Whether it's a single stump that needs to be removed or an entire fleet of trees that need tending, our friendly professionals can help. We'd be happy to provide a FREE estimate on a variety of residential and commercial tree services. Tree stumps and overgrown bushes are not only an eye sore, they are dangerous. Let us make your yard safer for you and your family by thinning out your trees and grinding your stumps into mulch. A healthy lawn is a hydrated lawn. During the hottest months of the summer, Harbor City can get less than 1 inch of rain.  Let us install a new sprinkler system for a healthier, greener lawn. If your lawn is covered in brown spots or you notice your grass doesn't resist being pulled from the ground, it's time for a new lawn. Our professional landscapers can re-seed or re-sod your lawn and tell you the best way to take care of your new grass.

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