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About : Kaczmarek Law Firm specializes in Family Law matters including child support, custody issues, separation, divorce, mediation, etc. Bridgette D. Kaczmarek has over 12 years of litigation experience including several appellate cases. Bridgette fights zealously for all of her clients, whether military or civilian, with or without children. She is also compassionate and understands the needs of her clients. In cases involving children, Bridgette will work diligently to ensure that any permanent agreement or decree is finalized with only the best interest of the children at heart. Her goal is to ensure that you and your children get through this ordeal with as few emotional scars as possible.Bridgette brings the following to your personal representation: Fervent representation, Extremely detail-oriented, Over 13 years of litigation and appellate experience, Professional and compassionate always considering the needs of the children and what is best for her clients.

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