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About : Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is your plastic surgery specialist in Houston, Texas. The Museum District Aesthetic Plastic Surgery doctor, Mark A. Schusterman, M.D., F.A.C.S., is one of Houstonians top picks for best plastic surgeons. Chosen not only for his masterful and artistic skills in recontouring patients’ bodies, but also for the compassionate and personal attention he gives to his patients. Drs. Schusterman earned his reputation in part due to a strong pull to work with breast cancer patients undergoing reconstructive surgeries as well as patients recovering from traumatic, scarring events. He has also established his reputation through his research and development of microsurgical reconstruction techniques in the aid of head, neck and breast cancer patients. The associated challenges have endowed him with considerable knowledge and understanding of the human body and have finely honed his surgical skills, particularly when it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery. To truly make a body and face more beautiful, a plastic surgeon has to understand and skillfully work with the structure of the human body, down to microscopic blood vessels, muscles and nerves. In addition, the surgeon has to understand that the patient’s experience during the process also needs special care; technical skills are not enough. The surgeon has to provide reassurance and support all the way through the process, managing the patient’s anxiety and expectations." – Dr. Schusterman. We provide service to our customers in the area of Houston, Texas.

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